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Topics of Issue 1 // 2018

A selection of the current Themes of our EDM-Customermagazine "Profile"

Sein eigener Architekt.
His own architect.
Bacher GmbH

Form follows function – this design principle is fully embraced by metalworking company Bacher GmbH in Upper Bavaria, not only in its products, but also at its newly built company headquarters. Participating in the firm’s success are EDM systems from Mitsubishi Electric.


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Silicone in perfect shape
Getting silicone into perfect shape.
AMA Ateliers de Moules Andrésiens

AMA, Ateliers de Moules Andrésiens, in Grossoeuvre, France specialises in silicone mouldings. On the basis of its expertise acquired over many years, the family business designs and produces complex injection moulds.


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Sicher schalten und bewegen..
Making the most of milling and wire-cutting.
Stammberger Werkzeugbau GmbH

Innovative equipment, highly skilled staff and a clear, future-oriented company policy are the foundation on which Wolfgang Stammberger established his business in 1995. The master toolmaker analysed the market situation closely before taking this step...


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Groß in Form – in nur einem Jahr.
Unmanned operation for profitability.

With its focus on precision, jobshop SNOP61 SARL in Athis de L’Orne in Normandy, France produces high-precision components – anything from prototypes and one-off items to medium series – mainly using materials that are difficult to machine.


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Spannsysteme zur Steigerung der Produktivität.
Production engineering.
WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

For Alexander Wiegand, head of the WIKA Group, quality, dependability and proximity to the customer belong together. Founded in 1946, WIKA has steadily grown into a family company with over 9,300 employees, globally active in 75 countries.


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Superfine grilles
Superfine grilles meeting the highest standards.
Rathgeber GmbH

Rathgeber GmbH in Innsbruck ranks among the world’s leading specialists in tightly meshed, visually and acoustically sophisticated plastic grilles for the car interior. To machine the complex injection moulds, the Innsbruck company relies on two MV2400R systems.


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Geben stabilen Halt. Millionen Teile für sichere Verbindungen.
Beer brewed with rice – is this possible?!
Japan Special

Anyone who thinks most Japanese drink mainly sake and plum wine are mistaken. Beer is by far the nation’s most popular drink and, having travelled from Europe to the Far East, has become a huge success.


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Vom Nebenjob zum Unternehmen.
Masters of precision machining.
Schulz GmbH + Co. KG

Machines usually work with greater precision than humans – but this does not apply to the Schulz family. When it matters, the company’s owner shows the machines what he means by precision.


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„Masse mit Klasse“.
Mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch Stärkung des internen Werkzeugbaus.
360° toolmaking as a model for the future:
teaching factory and business enterprise.
Innovationszentrum Fennel

The Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie (DAA) (German White-Collar Academy) in Bad Oeynhausen held its fourth Innovation Day for tool- and mouldmaking on 22 March 2018...


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Auf dem Weg zur digitalen Vernetzung.
The common denominator: Difficulty.
Sistmolding Srl

Sistmolding Srl was founded only in 2012, but was already one of the front runners in its sector, as it is the continuation of a family business that was established in the precision mechanics sector in the 1950s.


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Famoser Auftakt
EDM as a calling.
Mager Erodiertechnik

Producing high-grade components made of hard materials flexibly and at short notice has proven to be the recipe for success for Michael Mager in Zimmern ob Rottweil in Swabia. In doing so, he has been relying on EDM equipment from Mitsubishi Electric since the 1980s.


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