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Issue 2 // 2018Slider-Info

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Topics of Issue 2 // 2018

A selection of the current Themes of our EDM-Customermagazine "Profile"

An underestimated product factor.
An underestimated product factor. A software solution for process optimisation.

For decades wire-cutting has been synonymous with the efficient, high-precision machining of electrically conductive materials ...


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Perfection in function and aesthetics.
Perfection in function and aesthetics.
Inhotec SA

Swiss clocks are considered the epitome of precision, quality and dependability. Exceptional design and aesthetics make them stylish and prestigious timepieces as well. Only the best in the industry receive the much-coveted accolade of the Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Genève ...


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Wire-cutting launches a new era.
Wire-cutting launches a new era.
Neubeck & Wiedemann GmbH

Building on its successful company history, Neubeck & Wiedemann GmbH is well equipped and firmly established in the marketplace as a metalworking specialist. For the last eight years, wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi Electric have had a major hand in this ...


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Innovation for high productivity.
Innovation for high productivity.
HAGE Sondermaschinenbau GmbH & Co KG

Producing large components several metres long and wide for trucks and cars, scaffolds and space rockets cost-effectively and in large series calls for ingenious special-purpose machines and automated plant ...


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als Tradition.
A tradition of innovation.
G. Wachsmuth & Co. Werkzeugbau GmbH

Wachsmuth enjoys a global reputation for precision in toolmaking and metal forming. High-grade engineering services, a consistent commitment to perfection and the highest standards of workmanship are its assurance of long-term and successful customer relations ...


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Für die Wirtschaft
Training for industry.
Fohnsdorf training centre (SZF)

In its initial and further vocational training, Fohnsdorf training centre (Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf = SZF) in Austria is keen to keep pace with current technologies and the needs of industry, craft enterprises and trade ...


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3D-Metalldruck –
Produktoptimierung dank additiver Fertigung.
3D metal printing – product optimisation thanks to additive manufacture

Additive manufacture is a fascinating process that differs fundamentally from conventional machining methods ...


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Feinstes aus Thüringen. Metallbearbeitung auf Top-Niveau.
Production in the micrometre range. Precision work from Thuringia.
eropräzisa GmbH

For eropräzisa in Hermsdorf, Thuringia, no metal structure is too intricate and no request too ambitious. The specialist’s expertise and machine park are high-end. So it’s no surprise that part of the future of wire EDM is being developed here ...


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Focus on success.
Focus on success.
Jäger Erodiertechnik

Machines from Mitsubishi Electric have been constant companions to subcontractor Reiner Jäger for his whole working life. So it’s hardly surprising to learn that the machines from Ratingen played a prominent role when he set up his own business and have had a hand in his success ...


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In the wake of the pioneer of electricity.
In the wake of the pioneer of electricity.

Alessandro Volta invented the electrical battery and pioneered electricity, with the unit of measurement being named after him. Also today, forerunning inventions are being developed in the shadow of the Alps ...


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40 Years Mitsubishi Electric in Germany
40 Years Mitsubishi Electric in Germany Ratingen.
Mitsubishi Electric

The German Branch of Mitsubishi Electric celebrated its 40th anniversary on 19 October 2018. Based in Ratingen near Düsseldorf, the company has been supplying its customers with high-quality products and solutions ...


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Programming machine tools and robots
Programming machine tools and robots with a CNC control.
Mitsubishi Electric & KUKA

Achieving more with fewer skilled workers – this is the challenge facing more and more businesses. The goal is to accelerate cycle times and make production as flexible as possible ...


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Keigo – why polite isn’t always polite.
Japan Spezial

Japan differs from Western culture in many areas. One of the most interesting aspects is undoubtedly the pronounced expressions of hierarchy, respect and courtesy, which are very much appreciated by many tourists ...


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