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Issue 2 // 2017Slider-Info

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Topics of Issue 2 // 2017

A selection of the current Themes of our EDM-Customermagazine "Profile"

Vorteilhafte Vernetzung.
The benefits of networking.

GEZEA, the specialist in graphite electrodes and tool-making in Eisenach, Germany, fosters close relationships with its customers. But it is not only customers, but also the industry as a whole that benefits from its decades of experience.


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Konzentrieren auf Spitzentechnik.
Concentrating on cutting-edge technology.

In the heart of an essentially agricultural and touristic area, Celoplás in the north of Portugal produces high-precision plastic parts by injection moulding for the international automotive industry, electronics industry, medical technology and the domestic appliance industry. The owner and Managing Director João Cortez sees his concentration on cutting-edge technology as the key to his success. And this explains why he has nothing but wire-cutting and die-sinking EDM systems from Mitsubishi Electric in his toolshop.


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Sicher schalten und bewegen..
A prime mover with switches and actuators..
Gruner AG

Gruner has always been a little faster to react than its rivals and has been setting the pace with relays for many years now. To machine the tools required for them, Gruner resorts entirely to EDM systems from Mitsubishi Electric.


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Groß in Form – in nur einem Jahr.
In great shape – after only one year.
Csaba Tool

Csaba Tool Kft. is located in Ajka’s popular industrial area. The paint has only just dried on the workshop walls, as work began merely a year ago. The 500 square metre workshop and the office building form a harmonious unit, filled with functional spaces. Behind its walls, moulding and die casting tools are being made for domestic and foreign buyers.


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Spannsysteme zur Steigerung der Produktivität.
Flexible thanks to exceptional dependability..

Bertrand Bonnay, owner and managing director of the small jobshop AEMB in Thyez, France, was looking for a cost-effective, technically advanced and above all dependable alternative to his previous wire-cut EDM systems. By investing in an MV1200R, he’s hit the bullseye.


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Kawaii – warum „niedlich“ in Japan ganz groß ist.
Kawaii – lending expression to the inner child.
Japan Special

While children in this part of the world have fun with cuddly and other toys, many Japanese have a pronounced predilection for all things childlike. In translation “kawaii” means more or less “cute” or “adorable” and refers to a certain style that has meanwhile become a permanent feature of modern Japanese culture and pervades all areas of life.


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Geben stabilen Halt. Millionen Teile für sichere Verbindungen.
Securely fixed. Millions of parts for firm connections.
Springfix-Befestigungstechnik GmbH

Sometimes even tiny parts can be crucial – at least as far as those fastening elements from Springfix are concerned that can be found in almost all cars. EDM systems from Mitsubishi Electric provide the necessary precision during their production.


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Vom Nebenjob zum Unternehmen.
From side-line to company.
Péter Badics

With over decades of experience and dedication to the profession, Péter Badics talks about his tool-making company that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. He has been working together with his son Bálint for more than ten years. During that time they have created a small company from their experience in running a private enterprise. Their aim is to utilise their accumulated knowledge in a prosperous and customer-driven business.


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„Masse mit Klasse“.
Mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch Stärkung des internen Werkzeugbaus.
“Quality in quantity”.
Improving competitiveness by strengthening in-house mould-making.
Grote + Brocksieper GmbH + Co. KG

Grote + Brocksieper GmbH + Co. KG in Kierspe in the Sauerland, a manufacturer of numerous plastic parts for a variety of industrial sectors, has extended its machine park by adding a MV2400R precision wire- cutting machine. With its innovative technology, this EDM system is helping to optimise processes in the company significantly in the company. Along with boosting productivity, one of the company’s stated aims was to meet the growing requirements in terms of complexity, precision, quality and flexibility in the long term.


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Auf dem Weg zur digitalen Vernetzung.
On the way to digital networking.
Industry 4.0

To stay competitive on the international level, companies will have to make their production activities more flexible, faster and more efficient. To do this, however, they need greater transparency over the state of their equipment and much improved process security. The key to this is Industry 4.0.


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Famoser Auftakt
The added value of invention.

Universal1972 is a company active in the domestic appliance sector but is capable of serving any branch of industry in which sheet metal is worked. The company recently installed a Mitsubishi Electric MV4800 wire-cut EDM system.


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Mit Vertrauen in zukunftssichere Technik Kunden gewinnen.
Trusting in forward-looking technology to attract customers.
All Erosion

Since founding his company in March 2016, Frédéric Thiervoz in Marigny-Saint-Marcel, France, has become a highly valued supplier to tool- and mould-makers in his region. A climate of trust between customers and suppliers and an investment in highgrade MV1200S and MV1200R wire-cut EDMs from Mitsubishi Electric have had a large hand in his success.


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