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A success story to be continued: The FA-S Advance Series Slider-Info

In the best sense of the word, the FA-S Advance is an universal machine, which can increase your competitive edge through low operating costs and short processing times.

Technical specifications FA40-S Advance


Model FA40-S Advance
Type of EDM Sumerged technology
Machine specification FA40-S Advance
Download-Dokument 1 FA40-S Advance (V-Package) Layout
Download-Document 2 FA40-S Advance Transport drawing
Machine dimensions 4427 x 4150 x 2823 (mm)
Machine unit weight 7500 (kg)
Strokes FA40-S Advance
Travel path (U/V): ±75 (mm)
Travel path (X/Y/Z): 1000 x 800 x 400 (mm)
Z-axis device Standard equiment (=5.axis)
Taper FA40-S Advance
Max. taper angle 15° (bei Werkstückhöhe 260 mm) (°)
Taper machining device Standard equiment (=3. And 4.axis)
Wire-/electrode diameter FA40-S Advance
Useable Wire diameter 0,2 ~ 0,36
Wire bobbin 20
Workpiece specification FA40-S Advance
Max. Workpiece Dimension (WxHxD): 1550 x 1300 x 395 (mm)
Max. Workpiece Weight: 4000 (kg)
Table Dimension (WxD): 1360 x 1175 (mm)
Table height (from floor) 900 (mm)
Max. wire feed rate (X/Y) 1300 (mm/min)
Dielectric fluid specification FA40-S Advance
Power supply unit transistor controlled pulse generator
Cooling method indirect air cooling
Max. output device 50 (A)
Power supply cabinet completely tight
Generator dimensions 650 x 630 x 1870
Generator weight 300 (kg)
Dielectric fluid specification FA40-S Advance
Input system Keyboard, USB-Stick, Ethernet
CRT display 15" Touchscreen
Control systems CNC closed loop
CPU 64 Bit
Min. instruction step ±99999,999 (micron)
Min. axis resolution 0,05 (micron)
Max. instruction value X, Y, Z, U, V ..0.1 µm (mm)
Dielectric fluid specification FA40-S Advance
Tank capacity 2425 (l)
Filtering size 1-2 (micron)
Filter element 4 number
Temperature control Dielectric fluid cooler control unit
Weight (when dry) 680


Standard Wire station 20kg
Wire spool reception
Glass scales X/Y
Four-filters option
retrofittable Wire station 50kg
B axes 
Automation Robot
External signal outlet
not retrofittable
not available Thin wire device (0,1, 0,15 mm)
Fine smoothing unit FMC surface quality up to < Ra 0,2 µm
Digital fine finishing generator surface quality up to < Ra 0,1 µm
Digital anti-electrolysis generator
Z axis extension + 150 mm
Tool Package


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