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MV-R Series

Start Hole Drilling - Drilling Power

The perfect complement to the wire-cutting systems from Mitsubishi Electric. The start EDM drilling systems not only master small dimensions on start holes with 0.3–3.0 mm ­electrodes, but also functional bores. The manual version offers comfortable operation during manual positioning, while the CNC version also masters a large number of holes in a single sweep.

  • Drilling technologies

    for all requirements.

    Whatever is required – through holes or blind holes, small holes or large, in steel or in other materials – the user has a multitude of EDM technologies at his disposal.

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  • Solid

    mechanical engineering.

    EDM drilling machines also have to be equipped to withstand loads. The start series therefore builds on the fixed-table principle with solid components.

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  • Operation made easy –

    for the user’s benefit.

    Be it manual or fully CNC-controlled, simple operation is the basic principle.

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start - Drilling Power

Start Hole Drilling Machine

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