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MV-R Series

Start Hole Drilling - Drilling Power

The perfect complement to the wire-cutting systems from Mitsubishi Electric. The start EDM drilling systems not only master small dimensions on start holes with 0.3–3.0 mm ­electrodes, but also functional bores. The manual version offers comfortable operation during manual positioning, while the CNC version also masters a large number of holes in a single sweep.

  • Drilling technologies

    for all requirements.

    Whatever is required – through holes or blind holes, small holes or large, in steel or in other materials – the user has a multitude of EDM technologies at his disposal.

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  • Solid

    mechanical engineering.

    EDM drilling machines also have to be equipped to withstand loads. The start series therefore builds on the fixed-table principle with solid components.

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  • Operation made easy –

    for the user’s benefit.

    Be it manual or fully CNC-controlled, simple operation is the basic principle.

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start Quick Facts


  • Travel: 400 / 300
  • Workpiece dimensions: 350

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Rolf Hauss

The wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi come into play when we need parts, i.e. cuts, corners and radii, that aren’t easy to produce with conventional machining.

Rolf Hauss (Project Manager)
TECHTORY Automation GmbH

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