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SG-R Serie

SG-S Series

The rock-solid machine base of the SG-Series is your assurance of precision and ­durability. The choice of high-class components ensures the long-term reliability of the machine system.

The simplicity of the control and the programming itself – a hallmark of EDM machines by Mitsubishi Electric – allows the operator to focus on the essential, i.e. the proper planning of the various eroding tasks. And here, too, this is aided by the intelligent control strategy with integrated job planning and an efficient evaluation of a wide range of operating data, including actual job costing.

The standard equipment of the SG-S rounds off the picture. A fire extinguishing system and C-axis with zero-point clamping system are part of the machine’s standard equipment. Additional useful features enable you to tailor the configuration to your individual requirements.

The many advantages of the SG-S

Technology from a single source

No compromises: everything from a single source

CNC control, generator electronics, axis amplifier, inverter, motors – all from our own production. ­Reliable technology from Mitsubishi Electric.

1.6 G – 20 m/min

Acceleration of up to 1.6 G and travel speeds of up to 20 m/min enabled by the modern drive unit of the Z axis. The in-house AI technology uses the advantages of these values perfectly. Inclusive of safety: collision protection in all axes.


The equipment giant

is a maintenance dwarf


Safety as a matter of course

Safety always comes first and must there­fore already be included in the basic equipment so that you can erode without supervision. The automatic extinguishing system is always included.

Automatic central lubrication

Ensures frictionless processes long-term – without downtime, grease nipples or cumbersome grease guns. You can use this time more productively.

Rapid filter change

... during the live process – without tools or wasted time. Two hands, 32 seconds – and the filter is replaced.

Readily accessible electrode changer

Access to the electrode changer from the front permits ergonomic loading.

Programming: onboard/online/offline

A solution for every case in practice: same procedure at the control or PC

The user-friendly and straightforward ESPERADVANCE PRO programming tool can be found on the onboard control and is optionally available as an external programming tool. The ESPERADVANCE PRO includes an online manual as a technical guide.

3D check – additional checking function at the machine (Option)

Boost the reliability of programming at the machine by checking the created program with simulations using Parasolid models. Programming has never been so simple – and reliable.

ESPERADVANCE PRO 3D* – for maximum convenience (Option)

The programming software with the maximum scale of functions. Programming based on 3D Parasolid, ­ESPERADVANCE PRO technology programming such as at the machine, 3D graphic simulation for maximum reliability – all inclusive. This option is the right choice for each and every automated die sinking system.

Safety first

Anti-virus protection is ensured as standard by one of the world’s leading software systems in security control.

The master of materials

Equipped for every application

Flexible and precise


Set-up is child’s play

The graphically structured user interface for set-up of the workpiece and electrode takes the effort out of preparation of upcoming EDM jobs. In addition, the explanatory online help is in view at all times.

The EDM system that makes your business ­profitable

The SG-S brings you the future.
Your competitivity is enhanced by

  • performance and precision,
  • solid, durable, low-maintenance construction.


Key data at a glance.





Machine SG8S SG12S
Travel (X / Y / Z) in mm 300/250/250 400/300/300
Max. workpiece dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 770 x 490 x 200 900 x 650 x 350
Max. workpiece weight in kg 550 1000
Max. electrode weight in kg 25 50
Table dimensions (W x D) in mm 500 x 350 700 x 500
Table layout Steel / 3 T-slots
Daylight (table – C-axis with EROWA chuck) in mm 150-400 200-500
Max. dielectric filling level (measured from worktable surface) 250 400
Overall dimensions with tool changer (W x D x H) in mm 1530 [2170] x 2070 x 2140 1725 [2315] × 2200 × 2420
Machine weight in kg 2000 3500
Mains voltage 3-phase 400 V/AC, 50/60 Hz

Tank unit / filter system SG8S SG12S
Tank capacity in l 260 360
Filter particle size in µm / filter elements 3/1 3/2
Temperature control Dielectric cooling unit
Weight (dry) in kg Included in machine weight

Generator GV80-Generator
Power supply unit Regenerative transistor pulse type
Cooling method Fully sealed / indirect air cooling
Max. output current in A 80
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm (included in overall dimensions) 410 x 1000 x 1540
Weight in kg (included in machine weight) 326

Input method Keyboard, USB flash drive, Ethernet, 19” touchscreen
Control system
CNC, closed circuit
Min. command step X / Y / Z in μm / C in ° 0,1 / 0,1
Min. axis resolution in µm 0,1


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SG-S Quick Facts

EA-V-Power for Precision

  • Travel: 400 / 300 / 300
  • Workpiece dimensions:: 900 x 650 x 350

Customer opinion

Rolf Hauss

The wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi come into play when we need parts, i.e. cuts, corners and radii, that aren’t easy to produce with conventional machining.

Rolf Hauss (Project Manager)
TECHTORY Automation GmbH

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