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Issue 1 // 2020Slider-Info

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Topics of Issue 1 // 2020

A selection of the current Themes of our EDM-Customermagazine "Profile"

“Tradition meets modernity” – Mitsubishi Electric EDM systems boost precision and performance.
Microseconds, micrometres and millions. Hublot. The watch.
Hublot SA

First. Unique. Different. This is the slogan of Hublot. The fact that Hublot belongs to a special world is already evident from its picturesque location. Nyon lies on the shores of Lake Geneva, in which in calm weather the snow-capped peaks of the Alps are reflected. ...


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Problem solvers from the world of plastics.
Easily grasped. Component suppliers benefit from simple programming and operation.
Raditek CNC-Technik

The subcontractor Raditek in Markdorf on Lake Constance has expanded its range of machining processes to include wire-cut EDM. For the company this opens up additional opportunities to supply even complex components from a single source.


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High-precision prototype production.
Guaranteed quality. EDMs in full-time operation at Naton Kft.
Naton Kft.

The production of die-casting, plastic mold injection tools and sheet metal working tools used mostly in automotive industry requires extremely high precision up to hundredths of a millimeter.


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Profitable production with creative strategies.
Dressing for a competitive edge. How is it done?
Mitsubishi Electric

Grinding with higher abrasion rates and at the same time having tools that last longer enables you to save money and deliver faster. This is how you win new customers and outperform competitors – but to do so, everything has to run smoothly.


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Machining the impossible.
Speed and accuracy. MV2400R Connect in the company’s own toolshop safeguard deliveries at short notice.
Ing. Lang & Menke GmbH

Working mainly for the automotive industry, Ing. Lang & Menke GmbH in Hemer produces small stamped and formed parts in large series. For samples and prototypes as well as for the flexible making of progressive and bending tools at short notice, the company has its in-house toolshop. The company thus also preserves and safeguards its own know-how for the required production technologies.


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Koi carp – what makes it so expensive?
The mysterious world of the Geisha. Fine artist or sex worker?
Japan Special

Japan’s traditional culture is represented above all by kabuki theatre with its rich costumes, the samurai and the geisha. Anyone who travels to the Land of the Rising Sun shouldn’t therefore pass up the opportunity to visit smaller towns, far removed from the modern world of anime and cosplay in Tokyo. ...


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New potential for EDM systems.
Well on the way to the top.
Jehle AG

Jehle AG in Etzgen, Switzerland, produces stamped and formed parts as well as fully assembled components in medium to large series for the automotive, electrical and construction industries all over the world. The company’s own, recently extensively modernised toolmaking department has made a significant contribution to its success. Here, MP2400 Connect wire EDM systems ensure faster throughput and flexible, cost-effective production..


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Top marks for technological commitment – but safety culture trails behind.
There’s no such thing as a digital twin off the peg.
Top topic

The use of virtual technologies ensures rapid commissioning, high transparency and process reliability. This enhances production flexibility and boosts competitiveness. In the course of the digital transformation borne by ‘Industry 4.0’, the digital twin is initiating a paradigm shift in production and delivering significant added value. ...


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Top marks for technological commitment – but safety culture trails behind.
Symbiosis of high tech and outstanding workmanship..
Ets. Boutroué

Excellence can be found not only in the field of modern industrial production, but also in many traditional crafts and trades. But technological change is also making itself felt here. The example of Boutroué, which has succeeded in melding traditional engraving with advanced technology, shows how this can be achieved. In the field of wire erosion, it has been consistently using Mitsubishi Electric systems since 2006.


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Top marks for technological commitment – but safety culture trails behind.
Getting diamonds into shape. Wire EDM for PCD cutting edges.
Lehmann GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge

Lehmann in Göda produces drilling and milling tools with PCD cutting edges specifically for the finishing of light metals and plastics. The specialists machine the tiniest special geometries with high precision and outstanding surface quality on an MX600 wire cutting machine from Mitsubishi Electric.


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A flight of steps from the conservatory to the workshop.
Precision sinking with artificial thinking..
Mitsubishi Electric

Behind every dependable, precision EDM machine is sound engineering. In addition, the technological nerve centre of every EDM is its electronics. Whether CNC control, axis drives or erosion generator – here everything comes from a single source: Mitsubishi Electric.


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