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Issue 2 // 2021Slider-Info

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Topics of Issue 2 // 2021

A selection of the current Themes of our EDM-Customermagazine "Profile"

Mikrosekunden, Mikrometer und Millionen.
619 kilometres between sheep and giraffe.
Wire erosion as a complement to high-precision grinding.
Flury Tools

Entrepreneurs and top athletes need similar qualities: application, ambition, an obsession with detail, stamina and the will to succeed. This is doubly true of Matthias Flury, who is both the Managing Director of the high-precision grinding service provider Flury Tools and a successful competitive athlete in cross-country mountain biking.


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Jedermann verständlich.
Toolmaker AWEBA resorts to EDM equipment from Mitsubishi Electric in its expansion.
AWEBA Werkzeugbau GmbH Aue

Since our first visit to the AWEBA Group about ten years ago, a great deal has changed at one of Europe’s largest and most progressive toolmakers. In pursuit of its aggressive expansion strategy, the company has evolved from purely a toolmaking specialist into a full-range supplier. In doing so, the company has remained true to its keys to success: innovative solutions, outstanding quality and the ultimate in precision. The company’s machinery has also moved on in the meantime. Ten years ago, one of its 18 EDM machines was a Mitsubishi Electric NA2400 Essence. Today, there are still 18 EDM systems in operation in Aue, but 13 of them are now from Mitsubishi Electric.


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Qualität garantiert –
Erodiersysteme im Dauerbetrieb bei Naton Kft.
Made-to-measure perforated metal. Fast-track and customised.

Perforated metal is encountered in many areas. It can be found in industry and sound insulation as well as in air conditioning technology and food production, although perforated sheet can also be used to clad the façades of buildings. In all these areas, the products from SCHÄFER meets the toughest requirements in terms of quality and availability. For its punching tools, SCHÄFER relies on EDM technology from Mitsubishi Electric for its perforated sheet. The toolmakers at SCHÄFER are particularly proud of their FA30, which has been put to more than 100,000 hours of use since 2001 and is still producing top-quality punching tools.


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Abrichten wird zum
Good connections with cost savings…
Uniriv Kft.

Uniriv Kft. was founded in 1991 as a family business and is headquartered in Csepreg, Hungary, near the Austrian border. They were the first to produce pull rivets in Hungary, and since then the company has come a long way in this industry segment, which is mainly represented by Italian and, more recently, Chinese manufacturers.


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Genau und schnell.
One robot for four. Full automation in electrical discharge machining.
GEWO Feinmechanik GmbH

Characteristic of GEWO Feinmechanik GmbH is its zest for innovation. With the idea of an EDM island, on which one robot serves four wire EDM machines, the medium-sized company has broken new ground in the automation of electrical discharge machining.


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Die verborgene Welt der Geishas.
In the heart of Berlin. MP1200 Connect ­delivers ­dependability and precision for ­series production.
Gebrüder Geisler GmbH

Gebrüder Geisler GmbH uses the MP1200 Connect both for the machining of components for its own stamping tools and for the series production of electrically conductive parts for medical implants. Design, toolmaking and tool application are all performed in-house – this has enabled the Berlin-based company to successfully fill a niche.


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Auf bestem Weg zur Spitze.
Home living in Japan. WABI-SABI for balanced interior design.
Japan Special

The exploding populations in large cities call for practical solutions in the housing sector. In Japan, the problems of the future are encountering a culture that has already addressed in depth the issues of modesty and minimalism in furnishing and design.


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Den Digitalen Zwilling gibt’s nicht von der Stange.
High profile thanks to wire EDM. Grinding wheels dressed by wire erosion enjoy a significantly service life.

Within just 20 years, PREMEX GmbH in Remchingen, Germany, has developed into a globally recognised supplier of ground carbide blanks. Co-manager Marc Huser sees the reasons for this success primarily in the company’s enthusiasm for innovation and quality. For example, the cylindrical and profile grinding experts in Remchingen are among the first industrial users to employ wire erosion for the dressing of their profile grinding wheels.


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von Hightech und Handwerksperfektion
High-grade, spot-on and ­versatile in their applications.
Mitsubishi Electric

To keep up internationally, industry and craftsmen are having to automate. However, there is a growing market trend towards meeting individual customer needs with a greater diversity of products in smaller batches. Industrial robots are therefore often used instead of customised but less flexible specialised solutions. Not only are they easier to adapt to changing tasks, but they are also cheaper. With this market segment in mind, collaborative robots have been developed that can operate directly with humans without barriers.



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