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Topics of Issue 1 // 2017

A selection of the current Themes of our EDM-Customermagazine "Profile"

Innovating by example.
Innovating by example. Visionary ideas.
Kegelmann Technik GmbH

Kegelmann Technik has been one of the best addresses for prototypes and small series for almost 30 years – and always a step ahead of the market. Its recipe for success is its use of brand-new and different technologies for the benefit of the customer.


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The Alternative
The Alternative. Profitable production with the MV2400R.

At three locations in Europe, the USA and Asia, the HÄRTER Group produces stamping tools, injection moulds, stamped, deep-drawn and plastic parts, and integrated components for electronics and automotive. With high vertical integration – even in toolmaking – the specialists ensure maximum flexibility and quality. Needless to say, wire-cutting is also part and parcel of this.


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From garage company
From garage company to world leader in cold forming.

In the production of precision dies for cold forming, the NICHIDAI ­Corporation occupies one of the world’s leading positions. Thanks to its skilled use of ­electric discharge machining, the company handles the production of dies and formed parts, as required primarily in the automotive industry, and is ­now ­making inroads into the fields of automotive component assembly and the production of industrial filters. We were interested to learn about the mindset behind the company’s technological development.


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What does OPC UA
What does OPC UA mean for Industry 4.0?
Mitsubishi Electric

Few subjects are currently capable of stirring the emotions as much as ­digital networking. The debate is peppered with such terms as automation, ­digitisation, the smart factory, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. So what’s it all about?


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Clamping systems
Clamping systems designed to boost productivity.
ITB Innovation

ITB Innovation, a French company domiciled in Autechaux in the Département Doubs near the Swiss border, designs clamping systems for turning and milling centres. It has its own wire EDM machine department comprising two machines, a MV1200R and a MV2400R.


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Striking the right note
Striking the right note with precision mechanics.
Atlantic Zeiser GmbH

The product range of Atlantic Zeiser GmbH in Emmingen, southwestern ­Germany, revolves around the task of “creating identity”. The ­company’s specialists develop and produce systems that provide banknotes, ­credit and cheque cards, lottery tickets and packages with individual markings. The abundance of precision-machined components required for this are produced by Atlantic Zeiser on an MV1200S wire-cutting machine from Mitsubishi Electric.


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High-tech component
High-tech component in vehicle engineering: the axle shaft.
IFA Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG

In all vehicles, propeller and half shafts transmit the power from the ­gearbox to the drive axle and drive wheels. The basic principle of flexible torque ­transmission has been known for about 500 years and has been perfected by the automotive industry for modern power trains. The IFA Group with its head ­office in Haldensleben is a component supplier to all major car makers. It is one of the world’s market leaders. .


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Challenges for SMEs
Challenges for SMEs.

Everyone’s talking about Industry 4.0. There are plenty of ideas on what could be done; there are also very different projects underway in a ­number of companies; and there are the first specific instances of practical ­implementation in industry. One thing is certain: the fourth industrial r­evolution is on its way. As with all far-reaching changes, there will be winners and ­losers. Which side of the divide small and medium-size enterprises will find themselves on is impossible to tell at present.


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The Sauber C36-Ferrari
The Sauber C36-Ferrari.
Sauber F1 Team

In 2017 the Sauber F1 Team celebrates another milestone: it is the 25th ­Formula One season in the team’s history. Together with its new owner ­Longbow Finance S. A., the Sauber F1 Team is entering a new era.


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We couldn't do without them!
We couldn’t do without them!
Nieuwstraten Metaalbewerking BV

Almost one and half years ago, the sister companies ­Nieuwstraten ­Metaalbewerking BV and Nieuwstraten Proefstaven BV each started ­working with a Mitsubishi Electric MV2400S Tubular. The ­machines were supplied by Dutch distributor Dymato. The machines are now so firmly established in everyday operations that they’ve become literally indispensable.


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Terrific start
Terrific start for the “Journée Technique”.
Mitsubishi Electric

For the first “Journée Technique”, the showroom in Ratingen was firmly in the hands of French customers for a whole day. The event was a huge success for everyone concerned.


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Superior efficiency
Superior efficiency with die sinking.
Hochschule Karlsruhe – IMP-IFP

From the research lab to industry – die-sinking is being investigated under this motto at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. In its cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric, both sides benefit.


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Mitsubishi Electric celebrates
Mitsubishi Electric celebrates its centenary in 2021
Mitsubishi Electric

The history of Mitsubishi Electric is also the history of the development of modern Japan. The road to the future from a former shipping company to today’s market leader is based today just as much as ever on an unbroken tradition of innovation and evolution in its efforts to continue the tradition of Changes for the Better on the eve of its second century..


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