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Perfection in oil

that’s second to none.

The MX600 marks the dawn of a new era in precision.

Developed for a combination of extreme accuracy and superlative surface quality.


Positional accuracy
< ± 1 µm

Surface roughness
Ra 0,04 µm

Geometrical accuracy
< + 1 µm

Roundness< 1 μm

It’s the result that counts.

How to achieve it with µm precision.

Positioning accuracy all the way

Positional variation less than 1 µm over the entire 300 mm travel path

Full circle

30 mm circle and 20 mm cutting height with ­precision of 0.73 µm in circularity.

It’s the contour that counts

± 2 µm – maximum dimensional accuracy here taking the example of a 20 mm tall component.

Pulse duration: 1 billionth of a second.

The royal road to nanoprecision.

Response time is decisive

The lower the energy input, the better and more stabile the cut edges. A larger number of shorter pulses achieve the highest precision ever coupled with good cutting speed – minimising microcracking in the material as a side-effect. The reduced damage in the edge zones and better structural integrity yield much extended service life, and not only that of stamping tools.

Extremely low risk of microcracking

The special feature of the MX600’s nPV Generator designed for oil dielectric is its gentle application of energy to the workpiece. Extended tool life for cutting punches and other similarly stressed components is an inevitable consequence.

Good erosion rate and superlative surface quality

The new nPV Generator succeeds in using the same quantity of energy to machine the material while significantly reducing the energy peaks on the workpiece. This is achieved by applying lower energy to the workpiece at higher frequency.

The nPV Generator

The various units of the generator have been ­perfectly matched, making it possible to achieve a good erosion rate combined with a superlative surface finish.

Maximum precision from the outset.

Automatic wire threader for superfine wire.

Automatic wire threading – equipped for any ­situation

Automatic threading in the tiniest bores, even in difficult applications. The innovative flow analysis for the jet stream takes the effort out of your work. The entire process has been optimised to the point where wire diameters of 0.03 to 0.20 mm can be threaded with absolute dependability.

Round diamond guide

Maximum precision and durability ensure the best results in the long run – inclusive of maintenance-­friendliness due to a small number of parts and simple design.

Flexibility – when it comes to wire thickness as well

The Intelligent AT in the MX600 is designed as standard for wire thicknesses of 0.03–0.20 mm. The right range for all applications.

Intuitive operation

and knowledge at a keystroke.

In dialogue with the machine

Produce NC data the easy way. Machining technologies are assigned intuitively and with menu guidance. Optimise the parameters of the machin­ing technologies and store these as an ME-Pack.

Help at a keystroke

The complete machine documents inclusive of maintenance instructions are always available, and the right help is quickly found. Comprehensibility is aided by photos and 3D depiction.

3D data import

Import 3D data in Parasolid® format and create 3D shapes with the integrated 3D CAD/CAM. By using them, you can generate NC data with the associated machining parameters. Even more precise results are achieved with intelligent analysis of the machining conditions by the Power Master 3D that thinks ahead..

Clamp it and press Start!

Precise and simple workpiece measurement.

Fully automatic alignment cycles

Intelligent user guidance takes you to the finish. The electrical discharge machine takes you quickly to your goal.

Manual control

Comfortable set-up with the manual control box: standard equipment with Mitsubishi Electric. All essential control functions at hand – wherever you need them.

3D position measuring – manual or automatic

Both are possible. As a user, you decide whether you do set-up classically by hand or the machine automatically defines the position of your workpiece. Using the cutting wire or pick-up coil – the machine takes care of it for you. It only takes the press of a button.

Always in charge –

wherever you are.

Natural User Interface

You can control the machine and keep an eye on processes, wherever you are. ­Intelligent communication takes the pressure out of work. Ideal combined with automation solutions and high process autonomy with the intelligent AT wire threader.

mcAnywhere Control

Comfortable and reliable remote control for your EDM system – powered by TeamViewer.

mcAnywhere Service

Rapid help from Mitsubishi Electric experts.

mcAnywhere Contact

Any place, any time … always up to date with direct status messages.

  • Precision from the outset

    Wire threader for superfine wire.

    Automatic threading in the tiniest bores, even in difficult applications.

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  • Yes, hovers!

    No friction, no wear!

    The Tubular direct drive converts energy directly in movement - without touch, without maintenance and above all without loss of precision in the long term.

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  • Permanently precise

    and extremely easy to maintain.

    Role change, lubricate machinery and current contact changeover in less than 1 minute..

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MX Quick Facts

MX600 Technology in Oil

  • MX600
  • Travel: 300 / 200 / 180
  • Workpiece dimensions: 620 x 610 x 100

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Customer opinion

Rolf Hauss

The wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi come into play when we need parts, i.e. cuts, corners and radii, that aren’t easy to produce with conventional machining.

Rolf Hauss (Project Manager)
TECHTORY Automation GmbH

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