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More axes.

A chance to extend your options.


A servo-controlled B-axis fully integrated in the machine controls permits wire cutting on a rotating carried workpiece. Separation and multi-sided machining can be per­formed in a single clamping as well as simultaneously.

Mini-rotational axis

Rotating spindle also fully integrated in the machine control with positioning for the most minute high-precision components, e.g. the man­ufacture of ejector pins with a diameter of ≥ 0.05 mm, the realisation of conical threads in medical technology, ero­sive grinding, turn­ing and simultaneous machining.


Working conditions that are kind to your eyes – for the sake of users and for the benefit of machining results.

Warning lamp

Under scrutiny at all times – the status light visible from a distance leaves you in no doubt. LED technology makes the difference.


  • Precision from the outset

    Wire threader for superfine wire.

    Automatic threading in the tiniest bores, even in difficult applications.

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  • Yes, hovers!

    No friction, no wear!

    The Tubular direct drive converts energy directly in movement - without touch, without maintenance and above all without loss of precision in the long term.

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  • Permanently precise

    and extremely easy to maintain.

    Role change, lubricate machinery and current contact changeover in less than 1 minute..

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MX Quick Facts

MX600 Technology in Oil

  • MX600
  • Travel: 300 / 200 / 180
  • Workpiece dimensions: 620 x 610 x 100

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Customer opinion

Rolf Hauss

The wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi come into play when we need parts, i.e. cuts, corners and radii, that aren’t easy to produce with conventional machining.

Rolf Hauss (Project Manager)
TECHTORY Automation GmbH

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