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MV-S Series




The machine results you expect – in a playful, transparent, efficient and reliable process

These days, the operation of a CNC machine no longer has to be complicated – the dialogue guidance of the CNC helps less experienced machine operators to reliably accomplish their tasks. The transparency of the machining processes on the EDM system and overviews of the state of maintenance and resource consumption are a help with cost analysis and preventive maintenance. The analysis functions thus help to boost efficiency by exploiting capacities and resources better – and boost the proverbial reliability of the EDM systems from Mitsubishi Electric still further.

Ergonomic machine strategy

enabling you to concentrate on the essential.

Focus on ergonomics

Set-up, programming, maintenance etc. – all the key elements are directly accessible at the front of the machine. The entire wire feed, automatic wire thread - ing and wire guide heads plus the whole workspace are readily accessible – not least thanks to the open design and vertical sliding door.

Intelligent D-CUBES control

… simply shifts the future into the present. The user has almost half a metre of user interface to work with, assisted in this by the mouse and the usual computer keyboard. The monitoring of the machining process generates neatly displayed information at a glance and detailed analysis where desired.

Network for productivity

All the critical data can be conveniently retrieved through the ERP system. Open control interfaces make it easy to read out process and operating data. Important interfaces such as Ethernet TCP/IP are of course part of the package.

Greater speed and accuracy –

and you save more.

Response time is decisive

An EDM machine that reacts with greater speed and precision achieves better surface quality faster. The new V350 generator has a significantly higher effective clock rate. The voltage is built up faster and with greater precision thanks to reduced capacitance loss. Thanks to faster voltage build-up, spark duration and working voltage can be lowered. All that you will probably notice is higher surface quality and lower power costs.

17% faster multi-pass jobs

4 cuts of Ra 0.30 µm compared to a conventional machine.

2µm straightness

Even cuts with steps during machining are mastered with precision for reliable processes.


New V350 generator

Achieve excellent surface qualities with the V350 generator.

Precision for steps

and around corners.

Process control at its best - Power Master

The Power Master Control gives the most highest level of process stability – whatever the shape being cut. Stepped workpiece shapes, boreholes and other obstacles to a stable cutting process are identified as soon as they appear and the control adopts cutting and flushing parameters for a safe process and superlative accuracy.

Getting a grip on radii and corners

On small inner and outer corners and complicated geometries, Corner Master 3 comes to your aid. You merely define your priorities, and optimisation is performed accordingly.

Better straightness and shape accuracy

With precise control of the electrical discharge ­position, material is only removed where it needs to be. The patented functions of the Digital AE II improve rough and fine machining and fine finishing – in terms of both precision and machining time.

Vastly superior.

The wire threader for maximum dependability.

Wire break point insertion even on thick and ­interrupted workpieces

The time-consuming return to the starting point is omitted – and machining continues where it left off, thanks to the highly advanced wire annealing system. Depending on machining conditions, threading can be successfully performed with or without jet stream and even submerged – depending on workpiece thickness.

Round diamond guide

Maximum precision and durability ensure the best results in the long run – inclusive of maintenancefriendliness due to a small number of parts and simple design.

Flexibility – even when it comes to wire thickness

The Intelligent AT is designed for wire thicknesses of 0.10 to 0.30 mm. This way you can master even difficult threading situations with supreme ease.

Dialogue-supported navigation

that beginners love and delivers results.

Slim ergonomic manual control box

The ergonomically designed, intelligent manual control box unites all the relevant functions for control and set-up in a single unit. The integrated LCD display can be individually configured by the operator. Inclusive of buttons for driving all 8 possible CNC axes.

Multi-touch display with gesture control

Intuitive operation from the large screen with modern gesture control boosts comfort, while the configurable user interface supports the user by allowing the main functional elements to be freely arranged during daily work.


An easy start thanks to dialogue guidance

With step-by-step dialogue guidance, less experienced users are piloted through the entire process, from programming through to the start of machin­ing. Checklists make it possible to review all processrelevant settings and machine states so that machining yields the bestpossible results without interruption.

Clamp it and press Start!

Intelligent user guidance takes the effort out of work.

Fully automatic alignment cycles

Intelligent user guidance takes you to the finish. The electrical discharge machine takes you quickly to your goal.



Manual control

Komfortabel einrichten mit der Handbedienbox: Standard-Lieferumfang bei Mitsubishi Electric. Alle wesentlichen Steuerungsfunktionen griffbereit – da, wo sie benötigt werden.

3D position measuring – manual or automatic

Both are possible. As a user, you decide whether you do set-up classically by hand or the machine automatically defines the position of your workpiece. Using the cutting wire or pick-up coil – the machine takes care of it for you. It only takes the press of a button.

Always in charge –

wherever you are.

Natural User Interface

You can control the machine and keep an eye on processes, wherever you are. Intelligent communication takes the pressure out of work. Ideal combined with automation solutions and high process autonomy with the intelligent AT wire threader.

mcAnywhere Service

Rapid help from Mitsubishi Electric experts.

mcAnywhere Control

Comfortable and reliable remote control for your EDM system – powered by TeamViewer.

mcAnywhere Contact+

Any time, any place ... you’re always up to date with direct status reports by email. Status reports can be optionally sent by text message – a GSM modem with a suitable driver can be added for this.

Crash Protection System

already installed.

The in-built “guardian angel”

Care, attention and good planning are an assurance of immaculate results, even with the most advanced technology. And should the unexpected nevertheless occur, all the wire-cut EDMs from Mitsubishi Electric come with an in-built “crash protection system”.

Fully automatic

The wire-cut EDM systems from Mitsubishi Electric constantly check current axial forces and thus fully ­automatically detect potential accidents before they happen. If there is an obstacle in the travel path, this is electronically detected on the basis of the drive’s load change during the approach and the control ­automatically reverses. Better safe than sorry!

Crash Protection System in action

See for yourself and watch the dependable Crash Protection System from Mitsubishi Electric in action!

Job scheduler for inbuilt flexibility.

Manage, pause and resume jobs the easy way.

Integrated job scheduling

Greater flexibility thanks to adaptable job scheduling: with the simple assignment of priorities, you can quickly respond to changing requirements and squeeze in an urgently needed part with ease. Several machining programs can be deposited in the job scheduler and managed there.


Fast and flexible work planning

This is the easy way to add new jobs during machining or change the order of existing machining operations. The new job processing system with priority management makes it possible to amend a machining list without interrupting machining.


Pause a job – and resume

A machining process is easy to pause even in mid-flow when urgent jobs have to be processed. The control stores the current state of machining. When the inserted job has been completed, machining can be immediately resumed at the point of interruption. Pushbutton flexibility without programming effort.

  • Thread that?

    See for yourself!

    Again threading the wire breakage position, with and without water jet, even in difficult applications.

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  • Yes, hovers!

    No friction, no wear!

    The Tubular direct drive converts energy directly in movement - without touch, without maintenance and above all without loss of precision in the long term.

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  • Pays off!

    Euro for Euro...

    An EDM machine that responds quickly and accurately, more quickly reach better surface quality.

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MV-S NewGen Quick Facts

MV-S Serie Grand Tubular

  • Travel: 400 / 300 / 220
  • Workpiece dimensions: 810 x 700 x 215

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Customer opinion

Rolf Hauss

The wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi come into play when we need parts, i.e. cuts, corners and radii, that aren’t easy to produce with conventional machining.

Rolf Hauss (Project Manager)
TECHTORY Automation GmbH

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