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Up to 280% more feed,
390% longer tool life.

By EDM dressing with the Mitsubishi Electric V350 EDM generator.

Exploit the advantages of metal-bonded grinding wheels in the grinding process

In the grinding of tungsten carbide, ceramics and hardened steels, metal-bonded grinding wheels have huge advantages over the grinding wheels with synthetic resin bonds currently in frequent use. They are much more dimensionally stable and permit significantly higher grinding feed rates – for previously unattained productivity.


The constant challenge of boosting precision and effectiveness while reducing costs can be achieved with metal-bonded grinding wheels. The previously highly elaborate dressing process can now be superseded by wire EDM systems with the V350 generator from Mitsubishi Electric.


Grinding wheel surface before erosive processing

Grinding wheel surface after erosive processing

Mitsubishi Electric V350 – the generator for the best grinding wheels

The V350 generator from Mitsubishi Electric has outstanding properties for the dressing process and makes it possible to produce grinding wheels with a sharp cut. The result is open-porous grinding wheels with the best possible grain protrusion – for optimum grinding.

Impossible contours ...

Which ones would you like for special results?

No mechanical forces, sharp abrasive grain and complex contours.

Reproducibly precise results.

Grinding wheel geometry

Precise grinding wheel geometry with a deep profile.

Concave and convex profiles

Even complex geometries can be realised on a grinding wheel with wire EDM. For conventional dressing, three grinding wheels would be required for this geometry – with EDM, a single wheel is sufficient.

Electrical sparks as a dressing tool –

contactless, precise and no compromises.

Contour fidelity

Wire EDM dressing of the grinding wheel enables the finest and most complex geometries. By using thin erosion wires, inner radii of r = 0.05 mm can be achieved on the grinding wheel. Outer radii are only limited by the grain size of the grinding wheel, and tapered contours can be produced with geometrical accuracy.


EDM dressing is a contactless process that does not apply any mechanical forces to the grinding wheel. This completely eliminates break-outs and contour damage in the dressing process.

Intact grains

The wire EDM dressing of grinding wheels is remarkable because only the bond of the grinding wheel is machined. The abrasive grains remain unaffected by the process and thus retain their natural shape and sharpness.



During machining, the bond of the grinding wheel is removed to the desired grinding contour. The abrasive grains that are no longer bonded drop out of the grinding wheel. As a result the remaining structure of the grinding wheel is characterised by protruding, sharp exposed abrasive grains creating greater chip clearance and performance.

This significantly improves grinding performance, i.e. grinding feed rate, and grinding burn is avoided. At the same time, the service life of the grinding wheel is extended several times due to the considerably reduced mechanical and thermal stressing.

Smart technology,

simple, exact, automatic.


EDM Dress – the package for wire EDM dressing is supplied as a turnkey solution and can go into production straight after commissioning. All the necessary components and technologies are made available ready for use.


The wire EDM dressing technology is fully CNC-controlled and reproducible. Each grinding wheel is produced with geometrical precision and within the same tolerances every time.


Once set up, the dressing process runs completely automatically. Manual intervention is not necessary, and operator supervision is not necessary. This enables complete automation of the process at any time by automatically loading and unloading the machine.

Unmanned operation.

24/7/365? You decide for yourself how far you want to go.

Automated single-unit production

All Mitsubishi Electric V350 EDMs are always ready for the unmanned automatic production of individual grinding wheels. All the rotating spindles used by ITS Technologies are available with a range of standard automatic clamping interfaces and adapters.

Fully automated single machine

“DiamondCell” EDM Dress cell – single machine automated with handling robot and magazine in variable configurations. The solution for total autonomy: unsupervised running time is determined by the size of the magazine.

Automation – multi-machine line

As an autonomous technology, EDM Dress is always available for use in fully automated lines with several machines. The possibilities are unlimited.

Installed on the quiet countless times – and not only in Germany.

You can’t afford to miss out on a competitive advantage of this magnitude.

Economic benefits

Up to 280% increase in grinding productivity

Up to 390% increase in grinding wheel service life

Reduced number of grinding wheels required

Reduced number of grinding machines required

Significant competitive edge due to lower costs

Technical advantages

Reproducible dressing results

Complex geometries can be produced – hence fewer grinding wheels required in some cases

Intricate structures produced with ease – extension of grinding possibilities

Investment – worth your money

EDM Dress is a series solution:

Mitsubishi EDM generator V350

Standard wire EDM system

Rotating spindles with standard clamping fixtures

Ready-to-go technology

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Rolf Hauss

The wire-cutting machines from Mitsubishi come into play when we need parts, i.e. cuts, corners and radii, that aren’t easy to produce with conventional machining.

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