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EA-V Serie

EA-V Advance Series

It can be applied universally and permanently reduces the operating costs: the EA-V Advance series. Its reliability, capability and availability are appreciated all over the world. This is also true for its high-quality equipment and technological innovations. The Generator FP80V provides highest productivity and best results. It is particularly strong with respect to the machining of tungsten carbide. 
For bigger processing surfaces and for fast roughing, the High performance generator FP120V offers even more power. Be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow!

  • Masters of materials –

    perfectly equipped for any application

    Cemented carbide, PCD and titanium are all welcome – the EA-V provides options for almost any challenge.

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  • The generator.

    Built to perform.

    Minimal graphite electrode wear with high erosion rates and high performance in the machining of cemented carbide – all courtesy of IPDM.

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  • Customised extension.

    The intelligent solution.

    It could hardly be more flexible.

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EA-V- Power for Precision

ES-V-Power for Precision

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