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EA-V Serie

EA-V Advance Series

Economical production by combination of high cutting speed and the trend-precision and low consumption. The MV-S series with the non-contact and therefore wear-free direct drive Tubular opens a new chapter for Eroding. Less wire consumption and less power consumption ensure economic benefits that pay off year after year. Reliable, man-free operation is ensured by the patented wire threading around the clock.

  • Masters of materials –

    perfectly equipped for any application

    Cemented carbide, PCD and titanium are all welcome – the EA-V provides options for almost any challenge.

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  • The generator.

    Built to perform.

    Minimal graphite electrode wear with high erosion rates and high performance in the machining of cemented carbide – all courtesy of IPDM.

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  • Customised extension.

    The intelligent solution.

    It could hardly be more flexible.

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EA-V- Power for Precision

ES-V-Power for Precision

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