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Productive, precise, and always reliable: The EA-V AdvanceSlider-Info

It can be applied universally and permanently reduces the operating costs: the EA-V Advance series. Its reliability, capability and availability are appreciated all over the world.

EA-V Advance


EA-V Advance

It can be applied universally and permanently reduces the operating costs: the EA-V Advance series. Its reliability, capability and availability are appreciated all over the world. This is also true for its high-quality equipment and technological innovations. The Generator FP80V provides highest productivity and best results. It is particularly strong with respect to the machining of tungsten carbide.

For bigger processing surfaces and for fast roughing, the High performance generator FP120V offers even more power.

Be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow!

The convincing machine concept

Compact, robust mechanical engineering based on cast steel. No other material can better guarantee the stability you need in order to benefit from your investment in long term. Best mechanical engineering made in Japan! The high-resolution direct drives (0.1 μm resolution), combined with generously dimensioned spindles, ensure highest precision over the entire lifetime of the machine. The dual way measuring system with additional linear scales for the X, Y and Z axis works in closed loop and ensures long-lasting precision.
Precision needs perfection!

Diverse and future-proof

Mitsubishi Electric's newly developed FP-V generator series is the new standard in die-sinking. Not only the combination of reduced electrode wear, but also high removal rates, coupled with high precision and best surface quality, will surely increase your options. In particular for tungsten carbide machining, the EA-V Advance series has established as the best reference in the industry.

Reliable and productive – FP-V Generator

You manufacture compound tools, plastic mouldings, gearwheel moulds, profiles, prototypes and many more things?
And you think that highest productivity, flexibility and precision are most important? Then you need the Mitsubishi Electric EA-V Advance series models, with their unlimited scope of applications. You will obtain results giving you competitive advantages and economical success.

The key to your success – FP-V Generator

You have rather small work pieces, but very high requirements to accuracy and surface quality? You want minimum electrode wear? The machine EA8P-V Advance is designed specially for these applications. The NP circuit allows you to obtain best quality in small cavities as well as in tungsten carbide. Furthermore you can work with small electrode undersizes in the range of one hundredth of a millimetre, achieving highest contour accuracy.

Advance control system – user-friendly and comfortable

Simple operation

The new Advance control system based on the Mitsubishi-CNC-M700 is captivating due to its userfriendliness and reliability. In spite of its complex range of functions, it can be operated instinctively via control based on Windows XP. The logical menu structure and uncomplicated design allow you to achieve your goal quickly and reliably.



The control is performed via a sturdy 15" touch screen monitor, as well as via keyboard and mouse. There are additional fixed function keys for frequently used commands.


Network integration

Of course, the control can be linked to existing networks using the standard Ethernet card. In addition, a network-independent data exchange can be performed via two free USB interfaces.

Advance control system – dialogue-guided programming

Clearly understandable and safe to use The machining program is created completely via the control system, ESPER Advance. Clearly understandable selection windows guide the user from the set-up cycle to the technology selection. Only a few basic parameters are necessary in order to start processing. Beginners as well as users familiarized with other control systems will appreciate this. Customers who already know our wire eroding machines can benefit from the identical control system right from the start.

Advance control system – leverage existing 3D CAD data

3D simulation prior to processing

The Advance control system does not only include a 3D-, but also a 2D CAM system. 3D data in Parasolid format as well as DXF or IGES files can be directly imported and converted to NC programs. The shape of work piece and electrode can be analysed immediately after the import. This easily understandable verification gives you additional safety before the start.


Adaptive processing control

The Mitsubishi Advance is a powerful control system allowing you to obtain optimum results at all times. For example, the generator settings are optimised by the adaptive machining control system “Fuzzy Control” during the eroding process. This delivers stable and optimum processing speeds with maximum performance at all times.

Automation – we satisfy your needs  

Do you want to increase the operating efficiency of your machine?
Our strength is the individual configuration of the automation exactly to your requirements. Kontakt us!
You decide how much automation you need.

The cooling unit contains fluorinated greenhouse gas R407C.
For further information please see the corresponding operation manual.


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